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Atlantis Giant Watercolour & Drawing Paper - 400gsm

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Atlantis Giant Watercolour & Drawing Paper - 400gsm
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A very high quality paper for artists needing a large surface format. Can be used for most main applications ranging from watercolours, gouache and drawing through to silkscreen and acrylic. Made from 70% highly refined woodfree pulp and 30% cotton fibre. Acid free. Buffered with calcium carbonate, pH 8.5 (hot extract). The paper is gelatine sized, un-watermarked. NOT surface. Two deckle edges. Available in White only.

Size: 152.4cm x 121.9cm - Gsm 400

Available for delivery in packs of 10 only. Available to buy in-store as single sheets.

Product Reviews (4)

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    Atlantis Giant Watercolour & Drawing Paper

    Apart from Khadi paper this is the only jumbo size paper I could find and it didn't disappoint. Fantastic quality and heavy enough to combine various techniques.

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    Highly recommend

    There are surprisingly few online distributors of large paper for professional art use. I was fortunate to find this product. It seemed risky to purchase paper that provides one image of the product that only really gives reference to its size. Given that it was the only paper I could find that wasn't part of an astronomically expensive roll, I decided to take a chance. I couldn't be more pleased. The paper arrived in two days, and the packaging was perfectly protective. The paper itself is heavy with a wonderful texture to work with. I painted a detailed watercolour and found the paper could take multiple layers without becoming damaged or distressed. Excellent value for money, I highly recommend. (maybe add a couple more photos - that one picture doesn't do it justice).

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    A great find

    This was a speculative purchase as I didn't have a specific use for it - I just fancied doing large drawings. When it arrived I was delighted at how strong and well textured it was and I experimented with a range of wet and dry media. I found that after twenty layers of different media it showed no sign of breaking up and remained a responsive surface. Since I was just experimenting at that stage I turned the early sheets over and worked just as hard on the reverse sides. Great paper. It also came well packaged (flat) and undamaged. The only problem is that framing images that big will be expensive!

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    Fantastic Quality

    The paper is a great quality, it could withstand multiple layers of water-based printing ink without the paper becoming crumpled or over worked and even though the scale of the paper is quite large, it hung nicely for my end of degree show. I had so many compliments on my work, I'm extremely pleased that I found this paper, as no other could withstand the large quantity of ink that I needed to apply. Would definitely recommend for any large scale pieces.

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