Atlantis - Quick Drying Oil Primer

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Available in 250ml, 1L and 2.5L

Excellent coverage, is flexible and will not crack.
For use on a wide range of surfaces ranging from cotton duck, linen, board and wood. For unprimed canvas/linen size with rabbit skin glue. With high solid content and a blend of two white pigments- Titanium Dioxide and Calcium Carbonate. The result is a multi-purpose primer for all types of oil painting substrates. The high opacity finish is gesso-like and under most conditions one coat is sufficient to provide a receptive, opaque and smooth surface. As energy from a brush or pallet knife is applied, the primer reduces in viscosity but will regain body and structure once the artists stops working the primer onto the canvas. A fresh canvas will need sizing before priming. Whilst a great many cheaper ‘emulsion’ primers are available, the Atlantis Oil Primer remains one of the consistently high quality primers available, and it’s manufactured here in Britain too!

Coverage: 8-10 sq metres/litre
Surface dry: 3-5hours
Hard dry: 16 hours
Solvent: White Spirit


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