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Roberson - Acrylic Primer

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Roberson - Acrylic Primer
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Available in 500ml, 1L, 2.5L and 5L

Fast drying, flexible and non yellowing white ground for oil, acrylic and tempera. Gives a matt, absorbent surface which may be sanded smooth once dry.

Roberson Acrylic Primer can be applied to a wide range of surfaces such as cotton duck, linen, wood, hardboard, card and paper. No previous sizing is necessary. Dries rapidly, it is ready to paint on within 20 minutes on average. It is best to apply 2 coats to most surfaces. The first coat can be diluted by 10% with water to give it greater penetration into the surface. The result is a permanent, flexible, non-yellowing ground, suitable for oils, acrylic or tempera colours. This primer can be tinted to give a toned ground by simply adding the relevant acrylic colour. Acrylic primers are used by most artists owing to their ease of use. It is important to remember that while you can put oil paint on acrylic you cannot put acrylic onto oils, as oil and water are incompatible.


8-10 square metres per litre

Pigment: Titanium Dioxide with Co-polymer Emulsion.

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